Heitz Furnierkantenwek

Wrapping veneers: For demanding profiles with the smallest radii


Wrapping veneers are sanded with reinforced backs to small residual wood thicknesses. In close consultation with the customer, products are manufactured that are characterized by different fleece thicknesses and glues. When calibrated, the result is an extremely flexible material that can be processed effectively. 

Our fully glued finger joint offers many advantages for the processor, especially in the area of wrapping:

  • No breaking of the joints
  • Higher tensile strength of the joints connection
  • No penetration of paint or stain into the joints
  • Best possible preserved structure in the joint area

Specially developed hydro-UV lacquering systems, optimized for the requirements of flexible edging processing and profile wrapping, enable the wrapping of demanding profiles with the smallest radii. We use the most modern and high-performance finishing systems with environmentally friendly lacquering systems. This enables efficient production with simultaneous improvement of your solvent balance.

When coordinating the colour and gloss level of the surfaces, we use your individual samples.

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