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In Hungary Heitz Élfurnér Művek produces natural finger jointed, endless edging material in an adhesive version for small industry and without adhesives for large industry. The material may be ordered in rolls, sanded or unsanded, at widths of 8-630mm, in millimetre increments, made of 25-30 different types of wood.

We also keep in stock SK/S in 22, 33, 42mm widths, for the 22mm width with an SSK/S coating. Since the furniture made of tropical woods lives its renaissance again, we keep permanently in stock the 10-15 kinds of veneer edgings found in the greatest demand such as teak, hemlock, sucupira, dibetou bibolo etc.

Coatings by mode of use:

  • SK/S: 250g/m2 with adhesive coating, for use in small industry, sanded (50m/roll)
  • SSK/S: 90g/m2 with adhesive coating, for use in large industry, sanded (200m/roll)
  • Without application/S: uncoated, sanded (200m/roll)

We supply individual dimensions, depending on your wishes and requirements: as continuous rolls or as fixed lengths, with butt joint or induction readable aluminium tape.

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