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Impressive Innovations

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„Heitz CroCo”

This texture is inspired by the look of crocodile skin. Any type of veneer can be expressively refined in this way. Through the use of stains and lacquers, the design option scan be further expanded. For example, by colouring the pores white the impression of a Vintage or Shabby surface can be underlined. Through the use of this texture, tactile and visually acceptable accents can be set on the workpiece, which underlines the ntarualness of the material wood. This texture gives even very plain types of wood an interesting visual enhancement.

„Heitz CroCo Nero”

This texture gives the impression of a burned wooden surface as it arises, for example, by slight charring without burning the wood. The "CroCo Nero" optic can ideally be used to accentuate surfaces of commercially available veneers or plastic surfaces. This creates a delightful edge look on the workpiece with an expressive surface very close to the look of burned wood. The sensory perception of the veneer is tangibly enhanced. By white colouring the pores, the "charred" optik is accentuated visually and can be used effectively as a design element.


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