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Corona virus and security of supply for our customers

Dear Sirs and Madames,

we are increasingly receiving inquiries from our customers about our preventive measures and the security of supply for our customers.

Here at Heitz KG in Melle, as well as at our subsidiaries in Hungary and the USA, we are already dealing with this issue. A large number of measures to protect the health of our employees and to maintain the security of supply for our customers have already been defined and implemented, or are in the process of being planned or are planned for implementation.

Examples include:

  • Establishment of a pandemic team
  • Employee information
  • increased hygiene measures
  • Travel and personal contact restrictions
  • Preparation of telework where appropriate and possible
  • Modification of packaging where appropriate and possible
  • Reservation or purchase of additional quantities from our suppliers
  • ongoing contact with the company doctor and the health department.

Please understand that we are currently not able to answer all inquiries in this regard individually.

Veneer edgings have been manufactured in Hungary for over a decade. During this same period, Heitz Élfurnér Művek (Veneer Edging) Kft., member of the Heitz Group, has grown to become the largest veneer edging manufacturing facility in the world.

Heitz Élfurnér Művek was founded in 1991 by H. Heitz. The company now boasts a membership in a corporate group encompassing three countries (Germany - H. Heitz Furnierkantenwerk GmbH & Co., Hungary, and the United States - Avec).Our annual production involves the processing of more than 8 million m2 in packaged raw veneer material.

The largest market for these products is Germany, with 65 % shipped to the parent company. In the area of export other important targets are the furniture industries of neighbouring countries, including Poland and Lithuania. Highly flexible production organisation, modern equipment and the international perspective of Heitz Élfurnér Művek all work together to ensure the quality standards that have won us recognition from our largest customers as safe suppliers. I am convinced that all our partners place great value on the manner in which Heitz Élfurnér Művek can manufacture an urgent order for 4-500.000 linear metres of veneer edging material and ship that order on time and in high quality.

By 2004 we had completely grown out of rented premises in Budapest and we couldn’t solve the expansion even by having made some compromises. Having established a new production firm at our own premises we managed to find final resolution, which we had executed after one and half year’s preparatory work. By the autumn of 2004 we had built the biggest veneer producing firm in Central-Eastern Europe, in Pusztaszabolcs, 45 km from Budapest.

Speedy reaction to orders may be attributed to our warehouse, where we continually stock veneers made of 25-30 European and overseas woods. Continual product development, professional service, expert and helpful commercial personnel, and continuous inventory have gained us the respect of our customers and retailers as a company with the background to meet their needs.

We hope to be doing business with you shortly!

Manfred Oster
Managing Director

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